Lamplight Publishing API microsite


This site gives some examples of the Lamplight publishing API, documentation for the API, sample code, and other information.

If you're not sure what Lamplight is, you probably need to look at our main site first.

The purpose of this site is two-fold: if you use Lamplight, or are considering it, you can see here some examples of how you could publish data from Lamplight in other places. For developers implementing the API, the examples, code samples and API documentation will be very useful.

The purpose of this site is not to showcase any particular designs. We've tried to keep the styling of this site simple. If you do want to use the publishing module, you'll most likely want your implementation to fit with your existing site design and branding.

Please note that any information shown in the examples is drawn from a demonstration system and is not real data!

I'd like to publish data from my Lamplight system...

You'll need to enable the publishing module (it costs £5/month/project).

You'll then need to set up Lamplight to decide what kinds of data you want to publish, and start publishing records in Lamplight.

You'll then need to get a web developer or someone (we can do it for you if you'd like) to program your website (or whereever else you want to publish it) to get the data from Lamplight and display it. The examples and code we provide should make this fairly easy, although you will likely want to use your own layouts and design.

I'd like to get data into Lamplight from my website...

You'll need to enable the datain module (and you may need the publishing module too). The datain module also costs £5/month/project.

At the moment, you can allow people visiting your website to:

There is additional API documentation, examples, and version 1.1 of the client library makes it really easy to implement these 'datain' features.


Each of the examples give a live demo of a particular aspect of the Lamplight publishing API, and then some code explanation and samples.

The purpose of these examples is to get an idea of the sorts of things you could do with the API. They are not intended to be comprehensive solutions, and the design/layout is intentionally sparse - the point is not to demonstrate design, just how you'd go about getting the data you need.

Examples currently available show:

There are also examples that show how to get full details of an organisation or work record. These are available from the examples above (you need to find a record to view first!).


In addition to the working examples, the core Lamplight API is fully documented here and the 'datain' api documented here.


The examples provided are written in php, using some helper classes we have developed to make using the API easy to implement. These classes are documented here and are available to download. The helper classes require php5 and use some Zend Framework components (included with the download). You may, of course use other programming languages.


It is essential that only data you want to publish is available through the API. There are multiple layers of security and permissions before any data leaves your Lamplight system. In brief, these include:

Because you implement the publishing in the way you want, you can add additional filters to provide defence-in-depth protection for your data.