Lamplight API examples - creating referrals


A common scenario is the need to be able to accept referrals through a web-based form. The Lamplight API now allows you to do so, as part of the datain module.


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The code

To create a referral, we will use our Lamplight_Client to generate requests and handle responses, and the Lamplight_Record_Referral class to hold our data.

So firstly, we instantiate a new Lamplight_Record_Referral and set the properties that are available to us:

    $ref = new Lamplight_Record_Referral();


We can now pass this to our client to save it:


New in version 1.1 is the Lamplight_Datain_Response class. This provides a wrapper for the response received, making it easy to discover what happened. To get this object, we simply do:

     // $ret is an instance of Lamplight_Datain_Response
     $ret = $client->getDatainResponse();

     // and now use the convenience methods
     // success(), getErrorMessage() or getErrorCode()

     if ($resp->success()) {

         echo 'Thanks, your referral has been received OK';

     } else {

         echo 'Unfortunately there was a problem. 
'; echo $resp->getErrorMessage(); }

You can also use the Lamplight_Client methods to see more detail of the errors returned - see the documentation for more details.